Your consciousness is key to move forward in life with NEW Mother Earth!

Here is an explanation about 3rd dimension to 4th dimension to 5th dimension.

In 3rd Dimension:

We operate on auto pilot from our ego and subconscious programming, that we all have received in our 1st seven years as children.
We forget that we have souls. We put self preservation above all else. Commonly we could feel separate, fearful, not good enough , limited. We compete, struggle, think in linear terms using only logic. We are inauthentic, misaligned, dualistic, disconnected or trapped.

In 4th Dimension:

We enter into an integration phase which involves processing our blockages, changing our messages from negative into positive messages. We are transforming as we look within ourselves.
Then aha moments, alignments, synchronicity begins occurring in our life. We ask ever deeper questions of ourselves, and our true purpose.
We open our gateway of consciousness.

In 5th Dimension:

We remember and recognize that we are each of us a soul from the Source of all that is.
We reconnect to Source and ourselves. Our connection and love increases. We are healing, transforming and integrating. We develop increasingly positive perception, unlimited quantum possibilities. We align and effortless opportunities come to help us serve.
We are authentic to our true and ultimate nature. We become central in our purpose and passion with heart centered, intuitive and liberated creativity!
We consciously co create with the Divine and New Mother Earth. Our reality is pure consciousness, energy, and Light in each now moment within the Source field of all possibilities, and our gifts rise up to align with us once again! We follow our hearts. We live in integrity. We align with our service and our soul’s blueprint!!
We have let go of all old negative programs,and negative messages. We powerfully recall that we are Divine sons and daughters of the Source Ultimate Creator! We express fully into the now moment. We are lighter in every way.

How do we move into 5th Dimension?

We move into our heart of service by changing negative messages into positive messages, chanting positive mantras, attending Self Love and Letting Go practices, receiving Heaven’s high level services to transform many countless blockages from many lifetimes at hyper light speed!!!
The greater our negative messages drop away from us the Lighter we become!
I invite you to zoom meetings Monday Wednesday and Friday evening at 5 pm PT/ Arizona time.
Master Sha says “If you want to know if a pear is sweet taste it.”
Also I offer one on one sessions to help reveal you best next steps, practices and services!

We are one returning to the One!
Greatest Love and Light dear ones!💖