Spiritual wellness always involves our thoughts, speech, actions, behaviors, and choices in every lifetime, every moment, and every aspect of life. We co-create and manifest moment by moment, which brings us into the feel and quality of our life experience.

If we truly want balance, peace, prosperity, good health, good relationships, and successful outcomes, we must pay attention to our thoughts, speech, actions, behaviors, and choices. Are the messages to ourselves and others positive or negative?

Good service is rewarded by Heaven’s virtue. Doors open and blessings flow.

Poor and unpleasant service results in mild to very difficult lessons for the soul.

Everyone and everything does have a soul , that is eternal ! In each instance we have a choice to make. Therefore, as lifetimes come and go, we create our unique record of services.

Heaven oversees each soul’s record of services in all lifetimes. To get a visual, we could look at a graph of our lifetimes, it could look like the stock market!

To offer good service is the purpose of life. This and more I have learned from Master Zhi Gang Sha. Good service blesses you and all whom you serve. Your soul is eternal; therefore, it matters very much how we co-create, manifest, and serve in every moment.

Importantly, we have many ancestors over our lifetimes. Their service is recorded in Heaven also. Were their messages positive or negative?

This matters to each soul because of spiritual law. 50% of ancestral service both positive and negative are carried into our lifetimes. We all make mistakes  of all kinds in our lifetimes.

However, our most important ancestors watch over us and bless us. They are highly accomplished in their soul standing and journey. They are always with us waiting for us to ask for guidance. They love us unconditionally. They forgive us unconditionally.

We can serve our ancestors and all souls by offering greatest love and forgiveness also. We have the power to love and forgive ourselves, our ancestors, and all souls. Again, we all have made mistakes.

I invite each reader to join me in zoom meetings to experience forgiveness practice, gratitude practice, chanting mantra as good service to ourselves and all souls.

To make greatest progress in this time of transition on Mother Earth, which Heaven calls the Soul Light Era, we must have an open heart of service.

Master Sha is the high-level example to me and thousands of others!

In practices, countless Holy Beings come to bless us! In the group of Holy Beings, one might say, “Oh look Luci and Mark are chanting for humanity and Mother Earth. Let’s go and bless them with our love, forgiveness, compassion, and light!!! In service to others with hearts open we are healing our ancestors, Mother Earth, countless souls, and ourselves!!!

We know of many old systems, social structures, institutions, and governments that are in steep decline now. All that is limiting, controlling, and harming will not stand.

We are moving into the Soul Light Era and it’s Light will last 15,000 years!

If you listen to the audio here on the homepage called “Soul Light Era”, all souls have the possibility to upgrade , uplift into the light of joy, plenty, peace, prosperity, and our soul’s true highest potential!!

Open your hearts Serve well with Mother Earth, stars , planets ,galaxies and more….

Forgive yourself and all souls unconditionally. Let go and let God- Highest Source support you and those you love into the beauty of the Soul Light Era in love peace and harmony!!!

On January 31st I am offering forgiveness practice and gratitude practice calls on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Zoom meeting at 5pm MST in Arizona. The calls will last 40 minutes in duration. All these calls are cost free to join. I ask you to leave your contact email and information on the contact page, so I can send you the zoom meeting link for these calls which are great service to all souls  who gather together.

I am honored to be a servant to humanity and all souls!!!

Love and Light