Wellness Lifestyle Transformation for New Mother Earth

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness always involves our thoughts, speech, actions, behaviors, and choices in every lifetime, every moment, and every aspect of life. We co-create and manifest moment by moment, which brings us into the feel and quality of our life experience.

New Mother Earth

Your consciousness is key to move forward in life with NEW Mother Earth!
Here is an explanation about 3rd dimension to 4th dimension to 5th dimension.

Trauma & ACE’s

What is trauma and how does it connect to ACE’s and toxic stress?

While trauma has many definitions, typically in psychology it refers to an experience of serious adversity or terror- or the emotional or psychological response to that experience.

There is growing understanding that problematic behaviors may need to be treated as a result of the ACE’s or other traumatic experiences someone has had, as opposed to addressing them as simply willful and/or punishable actions.

Overcoming PTSD

In military and dysfunctional families,  and there are many, the unwritten rule is to never share or even speak of the many harms therein.

This results in multiple woundings that for decades often go unaddressed.  Further still when left unsupported , many people turn to negative coping styles of living that often include: the SAD (standard American diet), smoking, excess alcohol, drug abuse,  self harming activities and more…

It is therefore common within people’s mind sets,  attitudes and beliefs,  that they are less than and not enough for any aspect of life, let alone the soul journey!!!

Health & Nutrtion

Through the (SAD) standard American diet, which is processed, high in sugars and with unnatural chemicals, we are eating products- not whole foods.  The consumption of these  products  are yielding dis-ease and the body does not know how to digest or absorb these products for wellness.  Processed food, alcohol and drugs are addicting. We have known this since the 1960’s.